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Terrorists – could they just be nuts?

illustration of are terrorists nuts
At Sci&Fi, we seldom comment on current affairs, mostly because it is not our place to do so. However, sometimes research can enlighten and inform wider, and often political, debates. In a recent article, two psychiatrists asked: is it possible that the terrorists, notably from ISIS (a.k.a Daech), are just pathologically ill people? And we felt that a more psychiatric examination of terrorist actions and behaviours, would bring some light into debates that have been raging over social media.

They broadly classify terrorists in two categories: (more…)

Nutella, good or evil – examining the controversy

Controversy Nutella - en - short
You may have never heard the controversy around Nutella that raged earlier in 2015. Everybody got emotional, the Italian officials were offended (Ferrero the company that makes Nutella is an Italian pride) and it ended up being a battle between who will never let go Nutella and advocates from various  horizons. At Sci&Fi we shook our head in dismay – is anyone, ever, able to keep their critical minds? So, here’s a little information that gives you an overview of the pros and cons that should have been at the centre of the debate. (more…)

The progressive Pope

Sci&Fi quizz - what is the link between evolution, the big bang and climate change
Whatever one’s stance on Science and religion may be or if one has faith or not, one has to recognize that a turning point in the History of Science has been passed. Three of the most fundamental scientific concepts have been officially recognised by the Pope, namely the Evolution, the Big-bang and Climate change.

Could the Pope be more scientific than some of His believers ?

Why is that of any interest some would ask. Well, let’s be honest religion and science have not (more…)