Billion dollar asteroid

What is several hundreds of meters long, moves at an unbelievable speed, could destroy humanity and is worth billions of dollars? This year, the New-Horizon probe has attracted quite a bit of attention but another massive event happened that went a bit under the radar. In July, an asteroid made a fly-by. Its particularity ? It could contain a billion…
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Water on Mars – What we really know – part 1

There has been much hype in the media about water on Mars, about the latest discovery of ravines etc.. At Sci&Fi, we are not too fond of science being made sensational and inaccurate. If you were to pay close attention to what a variety of sources have to say, it seems that we have discovered at least three times that…
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Getting out of a black hole

We picture black holes as mighty beasts that will inevitably engulf everything around them, not even light has a chance to escape. However, a few scientists have claimed that black holes actually aren’t so black so to speak. Dr Stephen Hawking, for instance, claims that some things can indeed come out and that radiations could be observed as if coming…
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The Planet of robots

Did you know? We know of a planet which sole inhabitants are robots! No, this not science fiction but reality, have a look at the infographic… Sci&Fi needs you to grow. Like us on our Facebook page, share this post with your friends, we’d really appreciate it. Thank you so much! Adrien for Sci&Fi, over and out.