Happy New Year 2016

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we hope you all enjoyed the festive season fully. In 2016, Sci&Fi is coming back to bring you your dose of Science in various formats. Sci&Fi is still young and is an experimental ground, hence it is possible that various new contents appear or older ones disappear. Whatever it may be, Sci&Fi needs your support and your comments so do not hesitate to join us on Facebook, on Twitter or to leave a comment on the site !

Let’s explore the past, interrogate the present and dream the future on Sci&Fi!

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And that is it, both versions of Sci&Fi on a single website!

You may have noticed it as well, all the dates of the posts prior to this one are all the same, that is because we have moved servers! We have fused all of our content on this single website which is now available in French and English!

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Let’s explore the past, interrogate the present and dream the future on Sci&Fi!
Adrien and Hans

The Vikings in the Americas

The Vikings are the first Eurasians to have “discovered” the Americas.

The Vikings, these fierce sailors, had set foot on the East coast of the Americas well before Christopher Columbus did. Regularly, we hear stories that others before them did it such as the Arabs or the Chinese via the west coast. At Sci&Fi, we only believe what we see, and in this case only the Vikings left an indisputable archeological proof of their visits: l’Anse aux Meadows. From their tales (named the Sagas), we also know how they named this land, the Vinland (the land where vines grow). The most amazing part in all of this is that these events happened more than a thousand years ago! See for yourself.
Infographic of the archeology of the viking in america - l'anse aux meadows

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Hello World

Sci&Fi in english - hello world
Hi everybody, Sci&Fi here.

We are science passionates and we would like to share our excitment about science with you !

For a while now, we have been maintaining a website in French sci-and-fi.com but we thought we would give it a try in English. This new version is just a trial for now, and depending on the feedback we receive we will continue (or not) to maintain it. As you may have noticed, our website is Sci8Fi (and not Sci&Fi) that is beause the name had been taken already, but it is an issue that will be dealt with over time. Anyhow, please let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you ! You are more than welcomed to follow us on facebook, here, or leave a comment on the website or even send us an e-mail ( sci.and.fi.blog – at – gmail.com).

So ? What are we waiting for ? Let’s explore the past, interrogate the present and dream the future on Sci&Fi !

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